Ontario Nature Day


Ontario Nature Days are fun, family-friendly events intended to get people outdoors to learn about & enjoy nature.  The best part about Nature Days is the fact that they are FREE  and as an added bonus a light lunch is also served.

During our visit we also recorded a video for our Let’s Discover ON webseries:

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Earlier this summer, we participated in Nature Days at the Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve in King Township.  The event had a great turnout and also featured a live reptile demonstration from Scales Nature Park in Orillia.  Tony also made 2 new friends that day (Spoiler Alert: Watch the video to see for yourself).  The second half of our Nature Day was cut short due to Mother Nature (pun intended).  In a matter of minutes the sunny skies turned dark followed by a downpour and severe thunderstorm warning.  We still had a great time despite the weather.  We missed out on the search for the ‘elusive salamander’, but we can always register for  a future Nature Day to try again.

Getting There:

  1. Each Nature Day has a different location so driving or taking public transit may both be options.


  1. FREE! Possibly with a light lunch included.

Photo Mosaic:


Important things to keep in mind:

  • Dress Appropriately – You’ll be outdoors for the most of the day.
  • Follow the Leader – They are the experts and their instructions will keep you safe.
  • Be Open Minded – The experience of Nature Day is so dependent on the weather in terms of what you can see or do.

What you need to try:

  • A Hike if its part of the agenda.
  • Get up close & personal with any native or captive wildlife if possible.  Don’t touch any wildlife without asking for permission & never remove any wildlife.

 Here’s a quick checklist for your next visit:

  • Check the weather forecast before you leave & dress accordingly.
  • Don’t forget your phone as there can be lots of great photo & video shots.
  • Bring your binoculars if you have them.

Ontario Nature has several other events so visit their blog to stay informed!

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