Work With Us

Let’s work together!  It’s all about storytelling.

Hi Everyone!  I’m Tony Fera, a TV industry professional and throughout my career I’ve worked at various stations such as CBC, CTV, and The Weather Network.  Currently, I’m  working as a Camera/Editor for CityTV News in Toronto.

Tony is the creative & technical expert on our team of 2, however I, Petula Fera, am the people-person / worker-bee of Let’s Discover ON.  My background is in Human Resources which means I’m a pro when it comes to meeting, interviewing and working with people.  I’m also the researcher & planner behind every adventure and create the written content for our Blog posts.

As the Digital Content Creators for Let’s Discover ON, our mission is simple, to capture and tell engaging stories.  The most powerful stories are always the personal ones.  No one wants to hear corporate facts or feel like they are being sold to.  In fact its quite the opposite; audiences enjoy personal stories and emotional connections. By working together, we can create an effective campaign which speaks to people on a personal level.

What we can do together?

  • Create Video Content
  • Branded Video Series
  • Photography Sessions
  • Blog Reviews
  • Press Trips
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Sponsorships

Have we been recognized?

What are our professional qualifications?

We hope that based on watching our YouTube videos, you can tell that we’re genuinely passionate about tourism within Ontario.  We love the nature that surrounds us, the tasty food (maybe too much), drink and the wonderful opportunities for families to get out and discover new places.

Can’t wait to hear from you…let’s tell your story!

Contact Us via email for more information or download our LDON Media Kit June2017.


2 thoughts on “Work With Us

  1. Thanks for stopping by GeoForge at the Alton Mill. It was nice to meet you and i look forward to seeing you again!


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