The Agawa Tour Train: Simply Amazing!


Have you ever had one travel experience that was on your bucket list forever?  For us it was the Agawa Canyon Tour Train in Sault Ste. Marie or also known by its nickname “The Soo”.  It’s a train ride through forests and over bridges, that eventually ends right into the heart of the Agawa Canyon Park, 144 km north of “The Soo”.

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We knew this trip would involve some planning because we live in Southern Ontario but visiting Sault Ste. Marie, located 10 hours away, in Northern Ontario was totally worth the wait.  This was also our first EVER trip to Northern Ontario so The Soo and Agawa Canyon will always have a special place in our hearts.

We made it to Agawa Canyon Park!

Getting There

It’s a 10 hour drive to Sault Ste. Marie so we chose to fly with Air Canada from Pearson AirportPorter also offers flights from Toronto’s Island Airport.

The Train Station is located at 129 Bay St in Sault Ste. Marie.

Cost of Tickets

The cost of tickets varies based on the time of year so go to the website for current pricing. There are also discounted tickets available for seniors and children.  Tickets can also be bought in-person, over the phone or online.

The train ride is about 4 hours each way, with a break of about 90mins in the canyon itself.  This gave us plenty of time to relax, enjoy the scenery and take some great photos.  The train even has monitors installed that show the view from the very front of the train, that way you know whats about to come up on your side window.

We passed by various lakes and rivers, and at one point passed over two trestle bridges.  It may not seem exciting at first, but trust us, it is.  Look at this pic from over the Montreal River trestle.

Train over the Montreal River trestle

It’s unique, because the bridge is not straight, it’s curved.  So it makes for an excellent photo opportunity.  On the way to the canyon, the bridge curves to the right so much, that you can see the entire train in one photo.  Cool right?  See it happen in our video.

Arriving to canyon is absolutely awe-inspiring.  There’s a tall, rocky ridge off to the right side of the train.  Right away you’ll spot Bridal Veil falls that cascades from the top of that ridge, all the way down to a river that separates the train track from the ridge.

We decided to check out the viewing platform, that is 321 steps above the canyon floor.  Not gonna lie, we were a bit winded, but it was more than worth it.

View from the top of the viewing platform

Must Know Info

  • The only way to see and experience Agawa Canyon Park is by taking the train.
  • The Agawa Canyon was the inspiration for Canada’s Group of 7.
  • A one-way trip to the Agawa Canyon is 4 hours so the round-trip is an entire day.
  • The train leaves at 8AM sharp so arrive early to pick up your tickets and board the train.  We missed our originally scheduled train trip so for more on that story contact us and we’ll be happy to share.
  • There is a dining car aboard the train so you’ll never go hungry or thirsty.  The food is prepared and served by staff from The Mill Restaurant.  They even have ready made picnic lunches you can take and enjoy in the canyon park.

Must Do or Try

  • Walk up to The Lookout. Its 321 steps which sounds very daunting but trust us when we tell you that the views are worth the effort.
  • Visit Black Beaver Falls & Bridal Veil Falls.
  • Pack a lunch or order a boxed-lunch from the dining car and enjoy it on one of the many picnic tables available in the park.
  • Tell all your friends and family to experience the Agawa Canyon Tour Train for themselves.  It truly is a once in a lifetime experience.
Black Beaver Falls

Our Visit to “The Soo” was sponsored by Tourism Sault Ste. Marie however all opinions, recommendations & reviews are our own.

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