The Daily Special: An Education


There are thousands of restaurants in Toronto, but there’s only one where the tagline is “learning is always the main ingredient”.  The Chefs’ House is operated and staffed by students from George Brown’s Hospitality & Culinary Arts Program.  The restaurant gives students real-life, hands-on, front-line experience in which they apply the knowledge learned in the classroom.

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Open to the public Monday to Friday, reservations are recommended since the restaurant is pretty popular.  During our visit, it was Toronto’s ‘Summerlicious’, so it was a prix-fixe menu, however every guest has the flexibility to choose their desired number of courses.  TIP: Don’t skip out on dessert.  The desserts, all prepared in-house, were so good that, as you saw in the video, Tony tried to help himself to even more….LOL.

In addition to the open-concept kitchen the other unique feature of the restaurant is the cameras in the kitchen which gives every guest a behind-the-scenes look into how their meal is cooked and plated.

The Food

To start, we had the warm tomato tart.  This is a medium sized tart made with a variety of ripe tomatoes and LOTS of parmesan cheese.  The flaky crust, the salty taste from the cheese and the sweet flavour of the ripe tomatoes was amazing!  You can actually see part of the process of how these tarts were made in our video.

Preparing the warm tomato tarts

For dinner we had the vegetarian spaghetti carbonara and a sous-vide stuffed chicken roll.  The spaghetti was fresh made that afternoon, it was creamy, it was delicious.  The egg yolk melting all over the dish made it incredibly rich.

Vegetarian spaghetti carbonara

The sous-vide chicken roll was also very tasty and came in this delicious buttermilk sauce.  All dishes that day came garnished with edible flowers harvested from across the street at the college’s flower gardens.

Sous-vide stuffed chicken roll

Getting There

The Chef’s House is located at 215 King St E in Toronto.


Hours of Operation

The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner from Monday through Friday and also has a dining room for private events.

Our Lessons Learned

We were students too during our visit and learned a few lessons of our own:

Chef John Higgins, Director, Centre for Hospitality & Culinary Arts (@haggisracer)

Our dinner was “on the house” however all opinions, recommendations & reviews are our own.

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