Getting Crafty with Ontario Nature


Do you have a real Christmas tree or an artificial one?  This is an annual debate in our household, however the conversation can now be expanded to include real wreaths vs. artificial wreaths.  We’d seen real wreaths before however never considered making one for ourselves and didn’t know it was even possible until we partnered up with Ontario Nature for an event.  We were able to help nature and make our own beautiful Christmas wreath.

Warning!  This video contains a chainsaw, a terrible Scottish accent and some crafty people, right on our YouTube Channel:

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When it comes to Christmas we both grew up with an artificial tree in our homes every year.  However we know of people who have a long standing family tradition of cutting down a real tree together.  So if you’re on “Team Real” then you’ll love the idea of also making wreaths together.

Ontario Nature helped us do just that at a family-friendly event at the Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve in King City.  We arrived & checked-in, signed the required waiver forms and selected gloves and handsaws for the cutting process.  We learned during our orientation that Scots Pine (pictured below) is an invasive species of pine in our parks and forests however they can be re-purposed to make wreaths.  Jessica Ferguson from Ontario Nature explains why these ‘invasive species’ are such a big problem in our video.



A professional Arborist cut down or ‘felled’ the Scots Pine trees first. Once the tree was felled we were then able to select and cut the branches we wanted to use in our wreaths using the gloves and handsaws we picked up at the check-in desk.

Once we selected our branches we began the wreath making process.  The accessories were provided and included so we had our choice of everything.  We were given a quick demo of how to wrap the branches around the wreath holder with metal wire and wire cutters.  We filmed the crafty process while Smera Sukumar was explaining to us how it all comes together.


The last step was to decorate and accessorize our wreath.  We went with a silver and gold theme along with a giant burlap bow.  TA-DA!….There’s our first ever custom-made real Christmas wreath!!!  It’s handmade, gorgeous and sustainable!

On Location

The Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve is located in King City which is part of York Region.  It’s approximately 30 minutes north of Toronto.


There is a nominal registration fee which includes your access to the Nature Reserve, use of gloves, handsaws as well as the wreath making accessories.  For more info about the cost of registration for this event please visit the Ontario Nature website.

It’s Worth Noting

  1. Scot Pine is an invasive species and therefore is a threat to native plants & animals.
  2. The trees and large branches were pre-cut for us by a professional Arborist which made our jobs so much easier & safer.
  3. A light lunch is provided at the event by Soup Pa – Newmarket.
  4. It’s entirely an outdoor event so check the temperature before you head out and bundle up.
  5. Tony’s Scottish accent is lousy, watch the video to see for yourself!

Must Do or Try

  1. Select a colour-scheme for your wreath.  We saw awesome red & gold as well as blue & silver combinations.
  2. Use other forms of natural decorations.  We noticed one person picked out her own twigs as well as cedar branches.
  3. Remove your accessories such as ornaments and bows and keep them for your next wreath.
  4. Snap a pic with your finely decorated wreath and show it off online and on social media.  Don’t forget to tag Ontario Nature.
  5. Once dry, toss your wreath branches in the compost or save it to use as kindling in a fireplace or chimnea.


What you’ll need to bring to the event

  1. Proof of Registration / Tickets.
  2. Snacks & Bottled Water.
  3. Extra layers of clothing (just in case).

Thanks to our wonderful hosts Jessica Ferguson & Smera Sukumar from Ontario Nature!  We enjoyed spending the morning with you learning more about Scots Pine & making our own wreath.

The Let’s Discover ON & Ontario Nature Crew.

Our visit to the Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve & Scots Pine removal/wreath making  was sponsored by Ontario Nature however all opinions, recommendations & reviews are our own.

Have any photos or videos of your visit that you would like to share with us?  Send them over to @LetsDiscoverON.

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