A Thrill Seekers Paradise – Long Point Eco-Adventures


We learned of Long Point Eco-Adventures (LPEA) at the beginning of the year at the Spring Cottage Life Show and immediately wanted to visit.  Why you might ask?  Mainly because we had heard so many great things about Norfolk County where LPEA is located.  We also had friends who visited Turkey Point & Long Point Provincial Park and raved about it.  However, truth be told, the real reason we wanted to visit LPEA is because we wanted to try GLAMPING!!! No that’s not a typo…the word is GLAMPING.  If you’ve never tried if before then it will soon become the one and only way you will sleep outdoors.  Tony is a diva and doesn’t do the whole tent & sleeping bag thing.  It’s simply not his style.  We stayed in a Wilderness Suite which comes with indoor plumbing and an outdoor shower (how cool is that?).  There’s also other types and size of accommodations on the property.

The other awesome feature that LPEA offers city-slickers like us is ADVENTURE in every form.  There’s adventure on the water by way of fishing or kayaking on Big Creek, adventure on land in the form of biking & hiking trails and lastly adventure in the air by zipling.  However, if relying on gravity and the laws of physics while being suspended from metal ropes isn’t your cup of tea then bird watching or star gazing from the Observatory are better options for you.

During our visit to Long Point Eco Adventures we tried the Zip Line & Canopy Tour and recorded a video for our YouTube Channel.

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Ziplining at LPEA starts with the fitting of the harness, a safety orientation and then a demo / test zip.  Tony was ready to call it a day at this point, you see, he doesn’t do too well with heights.   But he persevered and hung in there (literally & figuratively)!    The first zip was definitely the scariest.  After all, you’re leaving a solid platform in order to ‘zip’ down a small metal wire.  It was a bit of a mental leap for us, the logical part of our brain is saying – what the HELL are you doing?  However, once you leave the platform, and start feeling yourself speeding through the air, we had different thoughts.  Tony’s thought was ‘YEEHAW – faster, faster!’.  There’s 8 zip lines over the whole course, each of varying length and offering a great view over Long Point (the nature reserve) to the south.  There’s also a couple of suspension bridges along the way which definitely adds a different element of adventure to the experience.  Following the last zip the only way to get back on solid ground is to rappel down a 40′ rope.  We felt like characters from GI Joe after this! Once back on land there is one final exercise which we found to be the most physically challenging of all.  It was climbing several sets of steep steps to get back to main area.  We really felt it in our legs.  We also felt such a sense of pride and accomplishment!

Overall, the whole experience was pure fun and an absolute thrill.  The Guides were phenomenal and did an awesome job is keeping everyone safe and calm throughout the course.  We can’t wait to go back and try the night zip.  Yeah, that’s right you can zip at night, with just a few lights on the aerial course.

Getting There

Photo Mosaic

 Important things to keep in mind

  1. Breakfast is included with an overnight stay.  The food served is locally sourced and prepared daily.  This offers a true farm to table dining experience (Norfolk County is known as Ontario’s Garden).
  2. There is no restaurant on site however The Burning Kiln Winery across the road serves meals & wine.  There’s also an on-site shop for you to bring home your favourite bottle of red, white or both.  We’re partial to a good red wine and highly recommend ‘The Boss’, but their signature wine ‘Kiln Hanger’ is something special too.
  3. You’ll have to rely on the moon & the stars at night unless you bring your own flashlight or have a flashlight app on your smartphone.
  4. If you’re prone to bug bites then you’ll definitely want to wear long sleeves & pants after dusk and pack some bug spray.
  5. LPEA is a seasonal business which is at its peak in July & August.  We waited until the end of the busy season in order to enjoy everything that LPEA had to offer without the crowds.

What you need to try at LPEA & in Norfolk County

  1. A Night Zip – Ziplining during the day is fun but doing it at night with only a headlamp on your helmet takes the experience to a different level.  We did not try a night zip but definitely plan to return to LPEA to try it.
  2. Star Gazing – You can test your knowledge of astronomy while you search for The Big Dipper.
  3. A trip to the tip of Long Point on a Zodiac.  This tour gives you exclusive access to Long Point which is home to a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve.
  4. Perch Tacos – They’re served everywhere.  Lake Erie is famous for its Perch so Perch Tacos is found on most menus.  We recommend The Combine, Sandbar on the Beach & The Burning Kiln.
  5. Support Local Farmers – A visit to the County, also known as Ontario’s Garden, would not be complete without purchasing locally grown fruits & veggies.  Blueberry Hill Estates is both a local market & winery.  It’s also a short drive from LPEA.
  6. Hop on the South Coast Shuttle – Leave the car keys behind and let the Shuttle take you around the County.
  7. Take a road trip – Follow the scenic route and you’ll drive along the Lake Erie shoreline and pass through the small towns of Port Rowan & Port Ryerse.  Three larger towns worth visiting in Norfolk County are Port Dover, Simcoe & Delhi.

Our visit to LPEA was sponsored by Norfolk County however all opinions are our own.

Have any photos or videos of your your visit to LPEA or Norfolk County you would like to share with us?  Send them over to @LetsDiscoverON.

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