Stratford Swan Parade


It’s an annual tradition to welcome a new season with the tagline “Stratford’s Salute to Spring” however, the weather on the day of our visit was anything but Spring-like.  We didn’t let Old Man Winter hold us back and braved the cold for this unique experience….the Stratford Swan Parade.  We joined hundreds of locals to escort their beloved swans from their winter enclosure to their home for the next 6 months (a.k.a The Avon River).

During our visit to the Stratford Swan Parade we also recorded an episode for our Let’s Discover ON webseries:

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Getting There:

  • If you plan to visit before the busy theatre season which runs from May to October then driving is your best bet.
  • If trains are your preferred mode of transportation then taking the VIA Train from Union Station in Toronto to Stratford is what you’ll need to do.



  • FREE – I’m sensing a theme with the cost of events that Tony chooses to attend!


Important things to keep in mind:

  • Leave yourself extra time to find parking as several streets along the parade route are closed for the first half of the day.
  • Wear comfy shoes and multiple layers.  It’s an outdoor festival after all on the 1st weekend of April so bring an umbrella too for those April showers.
  • Bring a portable chair and binoculars so you can watch the swans swim up, down and across the Avon River.
  • Seriously though, just because the swans eat your french fries or bread, doesn’t mean that they should.  It’s never a good idea to feed them, please treat them as wildlife – not pets.

What you need to try:

  • Taking a selfie with a swan. We tried but things didn’t go as planned. #SwanFail
  • The FOOD – We found everything from French Crepes to French Fries being sold from food trucks.

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2 thoughts on “Stratford Swan Parade

  1. I DIED watching your swan parade video!!! You and your husband are the cutest things ever!! I am also going to this swan parade next year … it was hilarious watching them all march gloriously through the crowd!!! And … planning many more trips off of your website. My husband thinks it’s fantastic!!! Thank you so much for the info and for sharing all of your adventures!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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