Sweet Treats at the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival


“It’s as Canadian as maple syrup”.  If you’ve ever wondered what’s so special about maple syrup then a visit to a local maple syrup festival is definitely in order.

On March 5 2016, we visited the Terra Cotta Conservation Area, just northwest of Toronto, to learn everything we could about this Canadian delicacy.  We learned about the discovery of the sap, the traditional and modern methods for making maple syrup and we even sampled some maple syrup taffy.

We also recorded an episode for the Let’s Discover ON webseries:

Here are 3 historical fun facts we learned about the collection and making of maple syrup:

  • March Break was created so that the children could help their parents collect all the sap during the day
  • It takes 40 litres of maple tree sap to produce just 1 litre of maple syrup
  • Excess maple syrup was boiled down until it crystallized and then used as as sweetener throughout the rest of the year

Getting There:

Terra Cotta is only accessible by car however if you follow the “Scenic Road” you’ll get a lovely view and driving experience.  Parking is included with entry to the park.

Availability & Cost:

The dates will vary from year to year because it’s so weather dependant.  Usually from early March to early April.  More detailed info on the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival website.  Tickets can be purchased online or in person: $8.75/adult, $5.75/child.

However, you can get FREE admission to this and other events by being a member.  Credit Valley Conservation and Toronto Region Conservation Authority have a joint membership card that can be used at any of their 18 parks and various events throughout the year.  Details on their site: https://conservationparks.ca/become-a-member/

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Layer up as most activities are outdoors
  • Washrooms are located in the Learning Centre however portable toilets are available in front of the Pancake House

What you need to try:

  • Maple Taffy – $2 / Tasting
  • Pancakes with fresh maple syrup
  • FREE wagon ride & the little ones can also enjoy a pony ride for $5
  • Cross-country skiing or snowshoeing (weather permitting) – Additional charges for ski & snowshoe rentals

Here’s a quick checklist for your next visit:

Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival visitor’s checklist – Save this image to your phone.

As always, please visit the official Sugarbush Festival website to get the latest info before your visit.

Have any photos or videos you want to share? Send them over to @LetsDiscoverON.


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